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Its been a long trip but quite an awesome day for my first day in oz. After getting to Perth at 3am I managed a bit of sleep before being wide awake…….
The only thing to do was head down the club to sort my boat out. After finding all the kit and a spot of lunch it was off out sailing. The Freemantle doctor was in with wind up to 25 knots and a steep chop. The sailing was great although I did capsize!
I was pretty quick to get back in the boat after all the chat of sharks in the area.
I came in pretty tired, a touch jet lagged but after hearing the lads were off to Perth to watch the Kings of Leon I thought it would be a great way to stay awake listening to one of my favourite bands.
We headed in to Perth for an amazing open air gig. Its days like today when you realise how lucky you are!
Looking forward to a proper sleep and back on the water tomorrow.