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over 8 years ago by Paul Goodison

Variety is......

As I’m writing this I’m looking out at a beautiful but freezing Weymouth wondering if I can muster the will power to go out sailing.

I’ve just got back from Florida where I enjoyed probably the best days’ of racing I’ve done all year at the Melges 32 Gold Cup event in Fort Lauderdale. The actual event was a bit of an end-of-season ‘fun’ regatta, if there is ever such a thing, and I was sailing on a new boat, Warpath, filling in for Morgan Larson, who was off doing the Extreme 40s.

But the sailing was immense; 20 knots onshore every day, enormous waves, 25 degrees, sailing in t-shirts, it was perfect conditions and the downwinds were awesome.

After the Gold Cup event finished I went down to Miami to sail in a Melges 20 event with Barking Mad, as well as do a bit of 49er and Moth sailing.

I am loving Moth sailing at the moment. I’ve had my own Moth for about a month and I’m so excited about it. I even did my first foiling tack in Miami, which I was really buzzing about!

It’s quite weird getting to grips with how to sail the boat, compared with how you sail a Laser. I’m back at square one again and the learning curve is massive. It’s like learning to ride a bike, once you’ve sussed it you just keep wanting to do more of it. I’m quite fast downwind but not so much around the corners yet!

There are a few of the British team sailors, including Stevie Morrison, Ed Powys, Simon Hiscocks, Dylan Fletcher and Richard Mason, who have got Moths down in Weymouth now. We’re all learning together and are getting really competitive amongst ourselves. The 2013 Worlds are in Hawaii and I’ve definitely got aspirations to see if I could be competitive there.

I’ve been really busy doing loads of different types of sailing since the Olympics and that’s the main plan at the moment for next year too. As well as the Moth stuff, I’ve got some really great opportunities in big boats, including more Melges 32 sailing, racing with the RC44s and in TP52s. I’ll also still be keeping my hand in doing bits of Olympic Laser sailing.

It’s not just been about sailing though. I got a new Orange mountain bikes last month and had an awesome time in Wales, doing the trails in Afan Forest Park. It was about six degrees, pouring down with rain but such good fun.

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me this year and I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year.

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